Best 5 Crypto Currency Exchange Sites in 2019

We keep the head “top” matter for any issues. Top mobile companies, top laptop companies etc. That is, in the case of top brands, the matter comes to the monastery. Exception is not about trading. And so I’ll try to introduce you to the Top 5 CryptoCurrency Exchange site, where all top cryptococarded trades with bitcin are used in multiple pairs.

1. Binance

Currently Binance is the number one cryptocardian exchange site. Their popularity has span within a very short time, and no other exchange site has been found in such a short time. Their interface is very easy and smoother. Trading Execution Fast Besides, if you pay the trading fee using their own coins BNB, you will get 50% trading fee discount. Binance’s current market value is $ 1,415,676,758 USD. Binance has the advantage of buying cryptorcarnes directly with Master Card and Visa Card. 438 of the cryptococarrency traded on Binance.

2. Bit-Z

Yes! Bit-Z is the second most searched site among the top 5 cryptococare exchange exchanges. Next to its current market is Binance. The status of this post is Bit-z’s current total market value of $ 1.068,094,594 USD. Cryptocarbon trading above 163 of Bit-Z is being traded. Bit-z top trading pair is at number 1 ETH / USDT.

3. CoinBene

The exchange site after Bit-Z is CoinBene. CoinBebe’s journey is not too long. However, due to their own work skills, they can be included in today’s top cryptocurrency exchange. Their current market value is $ 685,176,044 USD. In CoinBene, more than 193 cryptococarrency trades are being made, with the number one trading pair being BTC / USDT.

4. Bittrex

At one time Bittrex ruled the whole exchange market. Although their position has now come down a little bit for their mistakes. And so depending on their market value, their position can be found in 4th position. Currently Bittrex’s market value is $ 63,420,062 USD. In addition, their top 1 and trading pair is BTC / USDT and BTC / USD, respectively. Where there are more than 326 cryptococarons for trading.

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5. KuCoin

The original identity of KuCoin was through the ICO of the Red pulse. Although he had already traveled to them, his real contribution to the Red Pulse was also known. But the name of the red pulse has been changed to Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX). KuCoin has made quite a lot of changes in recent times to make their exchange sites more popular and secure. At present, KuCoin’s market value is $ 7,603,488 USD. And their 1st trading pie is BTC / USDT and KuCoin has 384 cryptorchisms traded on.

The Buttom Line

Some might say that there are some exchanges besides the above mentioned cryptorchonic exchanges, such as OKEx, Coinbase, etc. which are highly topical sites which I have not mentioned here. Because they are tops but they have great restriction. Trade from all countries, such as exchanges, does not allow trade. Because of which the cryptocurrency exchange sites that allow global trading, compiling among them, the top 5 cryptographic exchange sites have been set here.

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