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Email Marketing Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

(Hint: They Utilize Your Email Marketing)

4 Tricks to Driving More Traffic to Your Website (Hint: They Utilize Your Email Marketing)

Email Marketing Strategy

Do you send out emails? Well, of course, you do. Everyone uses emails. I don’t care what they’re saying it’s dying in popularity, if you have a job chance are you’re using Email Marketing. Hey everyone, Today I’m going to teach you how to drive more traffic through your email signature.

I love emails. Why? Because at the bottom of every single email I can include my email signature. In my Email Marketing, I promote my own business. If you look at mine, it’s kind of funny. I talk about a fax machine. What is a fax? I even have a cocky disclaimer.

Lawyers love the disclaimer, some people even respond to me in the email saying like, “Amazing disclaimer. Do you mind if I steal it?” And, of course, I don’t mind. But, within my Email Marketing, you’ll notice that I always link out to my website. It’s a really simple way to drive more visitors back to your website.

So, the first thing you need to do in your email signature is, link back to your site. If you don’t provide a link with no one is going to go to your site. The second thing you need to do is mention your social media profiles. If you’re already popular on the social web you don’t need to do this, but if you’re not and you want more followers, link out to your Facebook or Twitter profile, or LinkedIn profile.

Just pick one. Giving people too many things to do is overwhelming and they won’t do anything, but if you just give them one they’re much more likely to do it. So, pick a social profile, let’s say it’s Twitter. You can say, “Hey, want to follow me on Twitter? Click here to do so.

I really appreciate it if you would.” By placing something simple like that within your Email Marketing, more people will follow you on the social web and then when you share content on those social sites related to your website, it will drive traffic again back to your site.

The third tactic I have for you, and this is really simple, every time you have a new blog post update your email signature with this. Check out my latest blog post and please share it. That’s it. By doing that, people will click through, go to your latest blog post and share it.

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The fourth thing I have for you link out to all the places where you’ve gone press. Startups are really well known for doing this, so like the founders of startups don’t just link out to their own websites, they’ll also say, “Oh, why not check out our latest CNN article, or latest article?

Check it out here.” By driving more people to the articles that talk about you those articles are going to get more traction, more social shares, more backlinks, they’re going to rank higher in Google, and that indirectly is going to drive more traffic back to your website.

Now, when you’re trying to drive traffic through your Email Marketing make sure you’re not doing more than two of these things at the same time. You don’t want to link out to your website, tell people to follow you on the social web, and tell people to share your latest blog post.

So, only pick two of them and do them at the same time. Never do three or four at the same time, it’s just too overwhelming from people and it’s asking them for too much. Thank you so much.

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