How to Get Rid of Blackheads forever

How to Get Rid of Blackheads, According to Dermatologists

Director of cosmetics and clinical research in the cosmetology of Mount Sinai Hospital Joshua Zeichner said, “Whether there is any bloomed or any kind of acne,” the only way to go for the pumpkins and it is the end.”
But you knew that this coming – does not mean that you have to push them with their fingers. “Most will end, and we can help them by using topical products,” he said. Dr. Zachner said, “Remember the face of thousands of pipe oil glands in the skin page.” “Pipes are blocked when acne is done.” They met with oil and dead cells.
To reopen the pipes, there is no need to add some steps in your life. In most cases, you can switch to anti-blackheads products that already fit into your normal routine.

Try salicylic acid washes first

Switch from your normal face cleanser containing salicylic acid. It’s not complicated; You can find them in drug stores – they often say “salicylic acid facial skulls” in the front label.
Most people do not know: you have to leave them on the skin for a moment so that they can do their job, Dr. Zachner said. “I usually ask people to wash their mouths, blow it up as long as it takes a happy birthday.”

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Use a leave-on salicylic acid product next

If that’s not helping, use a salicylic acid product that’s designed to be left on your face. These often spot treatments, but you can use them all over the affected area (Dr. Zeichner likes Kamedis Acne Spot Treatment). “It’s the same active ingredient that’s in the washes but in a higher concentration. Leave it on your skin before bed so it can work overnight,” Zeichner says.

Nose strips can work, too

Find out if you applied it and it came out of the nose drama strip-zip, some satisfied. Dr. Joker says that they can be effective, “If you have sensitive skin, be careful, if you are exfoliating, or if you use topical retinal, it can be more sensitive to the outer skin.”

See a doc

If nothing works and you are really annoyed by black hair, see a skin specialist, who can determine the typical retinoids. The products of prescription products have higher amounts of maintenance products that you can buy in counters of goods and they can be a ticket to clean your skin.

And if you totally can’t resist…

There is a way to “extract”, which is less likely to cause damage than fastness. Find out after skin warming in your pores and after a warm shower. “Apply gentle downward pressure on either side of the hole. Ideally, with two tips, not your fingertips,” said Dr. Zachner. “It will be when it’s ready to come out.” If not, leave it alone! “Excessive stress can disrupt the outer skin layer and hurt the skin, which can be potential infections and harmful, as a consequence, if you leave alone, it looks worse than that.”
Or, just by choosing yourself, forget and enjoy the sculpture, if you do, then Dr. The main thing to remove the Blackheads of Pimple Popper, and from extravaganzas like this classic.

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