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Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step For Beginners

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing : Step By Step Discussion For Beginners

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to share a few how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing. So amazon has its own affiliate program. Which can allow you to promote any product on amazon and earn a commission by promoting it. So amazon’s affiliate program is called amazon associates.

Which is a hundred percent free to join and like I said you can earn a commission from any product. They have this affiliate program for every single one of Amazon’s marketplaces. So they have one for which is within the United States.

If you want to sell and promote products inside the United Kingdom they have it. You can promote any product on Amazon and that’s a great thing for affiliate Marketing. Now there’s ways that you can do this that honestly are not that Profitable.

Because there are some pros and cons. I’ll share with you in this blog and there’s a way of going about it. Which is not that effective like I’ll share with you guys how I make money with Amazon affiliate marketing but the money that I make from it.

Is really insignificant compared to other affiliate programs and products that you can promote. So I’ll share a few the right way the effective way of actually making money through affiliate program and inside this blog. Let’s first look at some of the pros and cons of Amazon’s affiliate program.

Now some of the pros the biggest one of course is that you can promote any Product. Which is very cool because guess how many products are available on Amazon millions of them. You can promote any single one that you want.

So that’s pretty cool because a lot of the companies and the brands might not have their own private affiliate program. I know for myself there sometimes I mention a product or is a product I’d love to promote and share and link to to earn some commission from that.

The company does not have their own affiliate program in which case I can just find it on Amazon Associates and I can just have an affiliate link that way. If you want to promote a blender let’s say can you link to that the way the Amazon works is that within 24 hours.

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People when they click your affiliate link they if they buy other products besides that one even. If they don’t even buy that blender you link to but they buy someone else’s products and a variety of different things. They fill up their shopping cart and they check out and purchase that within 24 hours.

I think another very important thing and valuable and trust site is Amazon. When people selling online, everything and having people buy products. People were very skeptical right they’re like afraid of buying something from someone. I’m going to get ripped off and for the most part.

Amazon’s changed the landscape from that because so many people are comfortable now buying things online. But Amazon has the brand and the reputation and the trust with the consumers that people know. When they’re on Amazon and they’re clicking to buy something.

They feel comfortable buying from Amazon. They feel they can trust the reviews that Amazon has the credibility. They know Amazon’s got a great customer support and they value the customer they can get a return or a refund.

Whatever it’s so products can typically better on Amazon versus trying to promote a product that is not being sold on Amazon from someone else’s store. Because of the trust fact that Amazon has another benefit is the one-click. Millions of people they already have their credit card in Amazon.

When they won’t go to buy the product they don’t have to put in their credit card details again to buy it. It’s just the press of a button automatically charges their credit card. So it’s very easy to get sales that way too.

Which is great and there’s a variety of other pros but let’s focus on some of the cons use a different color for this. So Amazon will pay typically depending on the product and category. I said to actually make money from doing amazon affiliate marketing.

That strategy would be promoting high ticket products. Those that are over $1000 like I said TVs and camera equipment and jewelry and you know more expensive products. That’s when it can really add up and make you money.

I made from that is $285 so that’s very insignificant as you can imagine out of these items. Were ordered and this was the number of clicks of people that clicked on my affiliate link so almost 5,000 clicks.

Then that conversion rate is three point six five percent. Okay, so you can earn $500 $1,000 for one sale and you know with that kind of similar conversion rate. Even a one percent conversion rate would make me significantly more money.

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