In this single post, we are going to talk about the best eCommerce platform for startups

1. Shopify

Shopify: people now feel comfort to buy from online instead of physically. People are becoming more attractive in online shopping or eCommerce platform.

It’s a good idea that you are going to start up your online business for selling your product online. Now you need a platform that can help you to establish your brand. Shopify is one of the best platforms for your business.

Here are given some important reason why you can choose it

best eCommerce platform

  • Multiple languages

If you want to sell your product or service in all the world then Shopify is the best. For marketing, you have to use a different language. Shopify has many plugins available which the merchant to translate storefront into multiple languages.

  • Easy to use

The use of Shopify is really easy for the business owner. You can easily manage and control your store. You can input your data without the need for any technical knowledge or skills. The setting of Shopify e-commerce store is simple that you can easily control and task quickly.

  • Need Low budget

To run the online e-commerce platform business with Shopify, you don’t need a huge budget. Shopify helps you to start up your business with a low budget. If you want then you can change your package in the future.

Great support to their customers

Shopify provides 24 hours of customer service with email, chat, and phone. So here customer satisfaction is so high.

  • Features and tools

There are huge features and tools which can help you to develop your online store. Here are included all basic all eCommerce features like analytics, marketing tools, shopping chart, report, and mobile access. Here are also included social network integration, email marketing, product review, Facebook selling, Google adds, and mobile access.

  • Support blog feature

To reach your target customer, content is needed. Without content, its final result is zero. So blogging is a great way to build your audience and it also generates more traffic and increases your sale.

  • Huge themes

There are huge themes in the Shopify store. You can choose from there to decorate your store as you want.

  • Unlimited product

The best feature of Shopify is an unlimited product including service. There is no restriction of including products into your store. If you want you can add more products as you want and no one will stop you doing that.

  • Control your store with a smartphone

It’s not possible to carry your computer every time where you go. So if you want you can manage your Shopify store with your smartphone app. Shopify allows you to manage your orders, product, staff, and customers from anywhere just holding your smartphone. You can share your idea and think. You can also get customer reviews through your smartphone. It’s easier to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

2. Big-Commerce

Big e-commerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms online. This is a big solution with a viable and powerful interface. More than 95000 live sites selling in online and dealing with payment. There have many people who have deep faith in this e-commerce system. It is easy to use and easy to understand that’s why it is so popular. The eCommerce platform site is more preferable to them who has lack basic coding skills.

This e-commerce site is so popular because it is preferable for small to medium-size businesses. This e-commerce site is best for small businesses. But it is not perfect for enterprise-level business. Although it offers a totally different solution.

Big e-commerce themes.

Here you can get high quality and buyer-centric templates in the store. But few are free. You have to buy to use it. They have a broad community of designers and developers. They will help you with their expert if you customize your site as you want. The lowest plan cost is 29.95 dollars for the month. You don’t get a custom SSL or abandoned cart saver.

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  • Flexible and scalable
  • Excels with multi-channel selling
  • Strong SEO Performance
  • Fantastic Theme Designs
  • Comprehensive abandoned cart feature
  • Awesome visual interface
  • Strong security and reliability
  • Support assistance 24/7
  • No transaction fee
  • Simple store integration with social media.
  • Responsive themes according to customers need both mobile and desktop.
There is some disadvantage also for this e-commerce site.
  • Inconsistent speeds in consecutive studies
  • Gets expensive for high volume stores
  • Cart abandonment isn’t on entry plan

No 1-click Selling/Upsells