Facebook Ads Tools And Strategies To Beat Competitor

Facebook Ads Tools: Have you found that Facebook ads are just getting more expensive year every year? Is it going to be harder for you to compete with your competition? Hi, everyone! That way, when I release other social media marketing tips like this in either other SEO or ad tips like this.

First strategy:

And the tool I have for you is spy on your competitor’s ads. What works for your competitors probably will work for you. But, how do you know something’s working for your competitors? How do you even see their ads? Did you know Facebook tells you every single thing that your competitors are advertising on? Just go to their page, click on info and ads. Right, go to their fan page, click on the info and ads button. It’ll show you all their ads, their campaigns, the landing. Facebook Ads Tools.

The webinars that they’re running. This will help you determine what works for competitors, what’s not, and this will give you a start. You don’t want to recreate the wheel. If something’s working for your competitors, you keep seeing their ads, you know they’ve been around for a few years, well, might as well figure out how to just copy them and start from there and then.

The next strategy:

I have for you is make it hard for people to spy on your ads. You’re already spying on your competitor’s ads and taking their strategies. Do you want them to do the same for you? Of course not! What I want you to do is switch your page template to a video template. Because what you’ll find is, yeah, they can still figure out what ads you’re running, but it makes it so much harder. So, when you switch to a video template, they typically won’t be seeing what you’re advertising on because they won’t know where to go. Facebook Ads Tools

The third thing:

I want you to do is check out bigspy.com. You can put in keywords in there in anything. So for me, I may put in keywords related to marketing. It’ll show me all the ads related to those keywords. Because you may have other people in your space that are buying ads that you don’t even know about that are doing well. A big spy will show you this. It’s a great tool, and it shows you this is one straightforward to use interface.

The fourth thing:

I want you to do is check out Facebook Audience Insights. It’s a tool that Facebook gives you. You may not already have a big community, a big email list that you can upload into Facebook. You may not be able to do what are the demographics and the makeup of that audience? This will tell you who you should be serving ads to and who you shouldn’t be. They even show and start making comparisons. But, Audience Insights will help you a ton, especially when you’re starting. You don’t have lookalike campaigns, you don’t have a big customer base, and you don’t have a big email base. That’s when you want to look at Audience Insights.

The fifth thing:

I want you to do is check out connectio.io. See, when you have some interests that you want to go after, you know the demographics of your audience, you could type them into connection.

The sixth thinking:

About and knowing about. The thing I want you to do is starting remarketing your audience. Everyone when they’re doing ads, all they think about is, oh, how can I keep driving new people? What I want you to do is, yes, encourage new people. Some of them will go to your check out page.  What I want you to do is for all the people that land on those pages and don’t complete the

remarket those people, show video ads on Facebook showing them what it would be like if they bought your product, signed up for your service. In other words, you’re explaining the journey And why it’s fantastic to work with you or your company or buy your products or services.

What you’ll find is, your landing page typically has a pitch that’s either emotional or logical. When you’re remarketing, you can use the opposite pitch. So, if your landing page has an emotional appeal on why they should be buying your product, then your remarketing video should have the opposite pitch. You can use relevant information on why they should be buying your products, your services, why it’s excellent, and the results that other people are getting. And then by doing this, And you’ll notice that this will be our highest converting ad campaign. So, that’s it! Facebook Ads Tools

Thank you…