Top 3 Social Media Platforms to Make Money

I want to share with you my opinion and experience what are the best social media platforms that are still viable to make. I will go over these 3 social media platforms with no particular order except for one.

Social media platform number 1:

That is my personal opinion has the biggest potential today and it will have the biggest potential in 2020. So what are going to be the top 3 social media platforms in 2020? To make money with and the first that I want to cover is obviously YouTube. YouTube is a really strong platform more and more people are coming to YouTube more and more people are watching YouTube as well it doesn’t have any signs. YouTube is going off the market anytime soon. So if you like to shoot videos then YouTube is the number one go-to platform for you.

YouTube is still a great platform to make money with affiliate marketing with E-commerce with promoting your own product with promoting a product of somebody else or just with advertising the only thing. You have to consider today is not as easy to grow a brand new YouTube channel as it used to be. Even a year ago so you have to be patient you have to be really hard-working and put a pretty decent amount of energy resources and effort into my resources. I mainly mean your time to grow a successful YouTube channel. But if it’s something that you like to be doing then it’s totally worth it.

Social media platform number 2:

It`s the next social media platform that I want to cover is obviously Facebook. Facebook used to be the number one platform to make money with back in the day but today it’s not exactly as. It used to be back in the day you were able to create your Facebook page publish some cool content. That would reach almost all the way up to 100% of your followers or your audience. And you could promote all sorts of affiliate offers your own products as well as running eCommerce shop. But then eventually the audience over the Facebook page is less than5%imagine having 1,000 followers of your Facebook page.

And when you publish something to your Facebook page only about 50 people would see your Facebook. On kind of viral content or memes or this kind of like really extremely engaging content then obviously the rich will be higher. But at the same time, Facebook does not like these kinds of pages and they tend to remove these kinds of pages with no notice. Whatsoever they do the best they can to force people to use a Facebook advertising platform. If you still want to make money with Facebook then I highly suggest you run a Facebook group it’s still viable.

The reach is really decent and Facebook keeps implementing more and more functionality into Facebook groups trying to create self–sufficient platform for people to be able to communicate and discuss all sorts of different topics. You can say Facebook groups are sort of modern-day forms. If the only thing you have to consider that you have to be from the active and engaging admin of the group.

Social media platform number 3:

The media platform that I want to cover is Pinterest. If you are good with Photoshop or canvas or any kind of picture creation. Then by all means please do start and not as easy to make money with Pinterest. As it used to be probably because Pinterest also introduced their own native advertising platform. And they try to force their audience to start using their native advertising platform.

They fight it hard with spammers as well and sometimes even legit accounts get banned appeal and get your account back. I tested it out should myself as well with works to see how easy it is! To get traffic to get traction with Pinterest. It’s really simple to use and it’s really easy to get that traction with Pinterest.