The 5 BEST Digital Marketing Side Hustles

Digital Marketing: Are you tired of your nine to five? You don’t like your digital market anymore? You want to work from home and watch Netflix all day? Well, I have a solution for you.  I’m going to break down the best five digital marketing side hustles, from $20 to $195 per hour.

Side Hustle number one:

All right, what is it? It’s behavioral design.

You want to make sure that, hey, when people come to your website, are they going to buy? Are they going to use the product? Are they going to take the up-sells, down-sells? Are you going to maximize your conversion rates? Well, behavioral design experts right now are getting roughly $195 an hour. You may have to learn about conversion optimization, reducing user friction, optimizing user experience, engaging more with people who are using your product or your service, but that sector right there does exceptionally well. You don’t have to be the one doing any design elements.

So you don’t need to go into Photoshop or Canva or anything like that. You need to understand where things should be placed, where they should be in the layout, and why. Maybe do some wireframes and send that off to the companies you’re working with, so they can maximize their conversions, their lifetime value of their customers, their repeat usage, their behavior metrics, so that way people stay on their site and don’t keep bouncing off, which will help their Google rankings, as well. Digital Marketing

Now to give you some real-life examples of behavioral designs that a lot of marketers work on is, for example, getting more people to subscribe to an email newsletter, or getting more people to add products to their cart, or getting more people to join a community, whether it’s a Facebook group, a Slack group, or getting more people to fill out a lead form. It can vary. It doesn’t just have to be optimized for user metrics for Google, as well.

The second thing:

You can do create lead magnets. Now, depending on where you are in the world, people are paying anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour for others to create their lead magnets for them. A lead magnet is something simple. If someone comes to your website, what offers do they see so that way they opt-in as a lead or an email address or even their mobile phone number? A lot of businesses are struggling to generate leads. This is not rocket science. You can use free tools like Hello Bar, pop it up, get paid, and if you’re not sure what kind of lead magnet to offer, well, you can use tools like Ubersuggest where you put in keywords within a space, and it shows you what’s hot and what’s not. Digital Marketing

That way you’re not wasting your time creating lead magnets that no one wants to opt into. Now here’s the best part about creating lead magnets and getting paid for them. Once you create a lead magnet, chances are they’re going to hire you again to create a drip sequence so then that way you can convert those leads into customers for them. Because just because someone opts into email lists or gives their phone number doesn’t mean they’re going to turn right away. You have to follow up. And typically, if they can’t create a lead magnet, they can’t generate the follow-up sequence. So that could be another $20 to $100 an hour that you’re getting to create the follow-up sequence.

The third one:

I have for you, and this one pays roughly $145 an hour from what we’re seeing, is paid ads on social media. Unlike paid advertisements on Google, there’s so much more flexibility that you can do with social media, such as, hey, do you want to have remarketing videos instead of remarketing banners? What kind of images are you going to create so people can click through and go to your site? Sure, Google owns YouTube, as well, but I consider that paid ads on social media more than just paid ads on Google. Digital Marketing

And when you’re thinking about this, a lot of businesses now rely on social media. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, they’re all trendy and competitive. So far, when a business owner goes on Facebook and pops up ads, chances are they’re going to lose money. Why, because there are more advertisers than inventory. That’s why they need to go with a marketing expert who knows paid ads, so that way they can do it for them and generate them a positive ROI.

The fourth one:

I have for you is conversion rate optimization. From tools like Crazy Egg to Hotjar, there’s a lot of tools that you can use to optimize conversion rates. Everyone’s paying for traffic these days. Google generates roughly $100+ billion a year in ad income just from Google AdWords. Facebook? They’re a multi-billion dollar company. How’d they got there? Paid advertising. Everyone’s paying for traffic. People are paying for designers and developers, but very few people are optimizing for conversion rates. It’s not just elements of a design. It’s also a copy as well. So when you optimize for conversion rates, whether you’re writing copy, adding in checkout bumps, upsells, down sales. All this stuff will help you make more money.

And if you’re not sure on how to get started, there’s a lot of tutorials and blogs out there like Conversion XL, that teach you how to be a conversion rate expert, and you can use that to go and learn everything and then monetize and sell that on an hourly basis. Just think of it this way. If someone’s getting 100,000 visitors a month and they’re converting at 3%, and you help them increase their conversions to 4%, that’s a lot of income for them. Assuming the product that they’re selling is generating enough of an ROI. Look, traffic isn’t going to get cheaper and cheaper over time. It’s going to get more expensive. That’s the trend. So learning this skill is an excellent skill to learn.

Fifth number:

Last but not least, pricing strategy consulting does exceptionally well. There are companies like price Intelligently that are charging six figures for pricing campaigns. You heard me right—six figures to tell companies what they should charge, the optimal price for their product and service. And you know what? It’s worth it because companies, on average, are getting a 15% increase in new revenue. We’re seeing pricing consultants get paid roughly $115 an hour. It’s kind of like conversion optimization, but you’re doing it for pricing. You’re looking at pricing elasticity. What will people want to pay? Why? What’s going to maximize LTV?

How to structure pricing grids. And if you’re not familiar with how to do this, check out Profit Well. Profit Well has all these articles, videos, and all these tutorials to help you maximize what you should price your product for. And here’s the beauty of it. You can just learn all their free tips because they give it away for free if you want to pay them you can, but they give you all the knowledge away for free. You learn it; you can then go and charge for the same services that they go and charge for as well. So if you’re tired of working for someone, try out one of these five professions. You can do them on the side, make enough money where eventually you can quit your job.

Thank you.